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Colicchio Collection

Seafood and Lighter Fare Pairing (Abruzzo, Sicilia, Liguria)

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Pairs well with Seafood and Lighter Fare

  • Abruzzo: With the motto “strong and kind,” Abruzzo is beloved for its stunning mountain ranges and enduring local traditions. A large region known for its cultural diversity, the Colicchio Collection captures the fortitude and vitality of Abruzzo in this superlative sauce. 
  • Sicilia: Located off the mainland of Italy, Sicilia is renowned for its magical spirit. The island features unique landscapes that can’t be found anywhere else in Italy — or the rest of the world. Unique and piquant, Sicilia sauce reflects this region’s one-of-a-kind appeal and glamor.
  • Liguria: Also known as the Italian Riviera, the spirit of Liguria has inspired many artists throughout history, including Chef Tom Colicchio. This sauce captures vibrant Mediterranean notes from this dreamy region.



Lobster Fra Diavolo

This Lobster Fra Diavolo recipe featuring our vibrant Abruzzo sauce will deliver all the comfort of an authentic Italian dish with incredible depth. Fresh, tender lobster adds a decadent dimension to the pasta and sauce pairing, while the fresno chili contributes a fiery flair. With a profile at once rich, sweet, and spicy, the flavors in this dish embody the charm of the beloved Abruzzo region.  

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Sauteed Mushrooms with Tomato & Polenta

This recipe combines rich, creamy polenta with mixed mushrooms and spices to create a sophisticated vegetarian dish. Inspired by the wild mushrooms found throughout the Trentino region of Italy and showcasing our superlative Trentino sauce, this meal delivers all the warmth and satisfaction of comfort food with an elegance fit for a main course.

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Tomato Baked Sea Bass with Fennel & Orange Salad

Accentuate the vibrant, summery flavors featured in our Sicilia sauce and pay homage to the island’s emphasis on seafood by pairing it with sea bass. The ingredients in this dish reflect Sicily’s free-spirited, singular take on Mediterranean cuisine. Garnished with fennel and orange salad, this dish is memorable and mouth-watering — and surprisingly easy to make.

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Premium ingredients make inspired sauces.
Inspired sauces make elevated meals. 

Premium ingredients
make inspired sauces.
Inspired sauces make elevated meals.