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Ultra-premium cooking and pairing sauces that will elevate your cuisine.

Ultra-premium cooking and pairing sauces that will elevate your cuisine. Discover the diverse flavors of Italy with this curated collection by Chef Tom Colicchio.

Discover the diverse flavors of Italy with this curated collection by Chef Tom Colicchio.

Our Mission

Step into our kitchen and meet Tom Colicchio: chef, restaurateur, food activist, and Head Judge on Bravo’s Top Chef. Driven by his belief that everyone can cook authentic cuisine, and inspired by unique ingredients native to Italy, Chef Tom Colicchio created the ultra-premium sauces and complementary recipes found in the Colicchio Collection.

Each flavor in the Colicchio Collection pays homage to a specific region of Italy, celebrating the country’s rich culture and promising to bring something special to your culinary creations. Whether you’re elevating a simple dish or exploring one of Chef Tom Colicchio’s specially-crafted recipes, the sauces in the Colicchio Collection turn every dish into an experience. Subscribe now and never run out of inspiration.

Italian Flavors

Elevated dishes require premium ingredients.

We use the highest quality ingredients in our recipes, which makes our sauce a high-quality ingredient in its own right.

Clean label sauces

Authenticity is essential.

The Colicchio Collection draws inspiration from Italy’s profound culinary traditions, and each flavor uses ingredients from the region it celebrates.

Passion for cooking

You can create sophisticated meals. 

Whether the recipe is simple or intricate, everyone can cook delicious, elegant cuisine. 

Explore six enchanting Italian regions.

Indulge in our collection of premium cooking sauces.

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