Tom Colicchio’s New Pasta Sauces Look to Regional Italy

Tom Colicchio’s New Pasta Sauces Look to Regional Italy

By Florence Fabricant
September 12, 2022


The sauce line is made in collaboration with Jersey Tomato Co. and includes options representing Piedmont, Calabria and more.

Jarred or canned tomato sauces usually stick to classic preparations like marinara and tomato-basil. The chef Tom Colicchio, a New Jersey native, has a new sauce line produced in collaboration with the Jersey Tomato Co., which uses only New Jersey tomatoes. It looks to Italy’s regions for a collection of six distinctive sauces. All with chunky textures, they represent Piedmont with rich Barolo wine and sage begging for short ribs; Sicily with white wine, orange and black olives; Calabria with eggplant, zucchini and chiles for a bit of a kick; Trentino with earthy wild mushrooms, rosemary and Parmesan; Liguria with lemon, white wine and herbs; and Abruzzo with saffron and fennel pollen. Liguria and Abruzzo are excellent with seafood.

Colicchio Collection, $45 for three 16 oz. jars or $38.25 for a bimonthly subscription,


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